Swedish expression att visa framfötterna

What does “att visa framfötterna” mean and how to use it?

If you are learning Swedish, you might have encountered some expressions that are not easy to translate literally. One of them is “att visa framfötterna”, which means “to show one’s front feet”. But what does it actually mean and how can you use it in a conversation?

The expression “att visa framfötterna” is an idiomatic phrase that means “to show one’s skills, initiative, or ambition”. It can also mean “to be passionate or dedicated to one’s work or hobby”. It is often used to praise someone who is doing a good job or to encourage someone to do their best.

The origin of the expression is not clear, but some sources suggest that it comes from the animal world, where some animals use their front feet to perform certain tasks, such as digging, fighting, or playing. For example, a dog might show its front feet to its owner to ask for attention or a treat. By analogy, a person who shows their front feet is someone who is active, engaged, and eager to please.

Examples of using “att visa framfötterna”

Here are some examples of how you can use “att visa framfötterna” in different contexts:

  • If you want to compliment someone who is doing well at work or school, you can say: “Du visar verkligen framfötterna på jobbet/skolan. Bra jobbat!” (“You are really showing your front feet at work/school. Well done!”)
  • If you want to motivate someone who is facing a challenge or a competition, you can say: “Nu gäller det att visa framfötterna och ge allt du har. Jag tror på dig!” (“Now it’s time to show your front feet and give everything you have. I believe in you!”)
  • If you want to express your enthusiasm or passion for something, you can say: “Jag älskar att spela gitarr. Det är mitt sätt att visa framfötterna.” (“I love playing guitar. It’s my way of showing my front feet.”)

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