Få blodad tand

What does “få blodad tand” mean and how to use it?

The expression “få blodad tand” literally means “to get a bloodied tooth”. It comes from the idea that a predator, such as a bear or a wolf, becomes more aggressive and eager to hunt after tasting blood for the first time. According to the Swedish Academy Dictionary, the expression was first recorded in 1917, but it may have been used earlier in oral speech.

The meaning of “få blodad tand”

The expression “få blodad tand” is used to describe a situation where someone becomes inspired or motivated to do something more actively, usually after experiencing some success or enjoyment. For example, if you win a lottery ticket, you may get a taste for gambling and buy more tickets. Or if you try a new sport and have fun, you may whet your appetite for exercising and join a club.
The expression can also be used to describe a person who has a keen interest or passion for something, especially something challenging or adventurous. For example, if you love traveling and exploring new places, you may have a bloodied tooth for adventure. Or if you enjoy solving puzzles and learning new things, you may have a bloodied tooth for knowledge.

How to use “få blodad tand” in a sentence

The expression “få blodad tand” is a verb phrase that can be conjugated according to the subject and the tense. Here are some examples of how to use it in a sentence:

  • Jag fick blodad tand när jag provade sushi för första gången. (I got a taste for sushi when I tried it for the first time.)
  • Hon har fått blodad tand för att skriva böcker. (She has whetted her appetite for writing books.)
  • Han får blodad tand varje gång han ser en ny utmaning. (He gets a bloodied tooth every time he sees a new challenge.)
  • De hade fått blodad tand efter att ha vunnit matchen. (They had gotten a taste for winning after winning the match.)

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