Samma skrot och korn

“Samma skrot och korn” – what does it mean and how to use it?

“Av samma skrot och korn”, literally translates “of the same scrap and grain”. But what does it actually mean and how can you use it in a conversation?

The meaning of “av samma skrot och korn”

The expression “av samma skrot och korn” is an idiomatic phrase that means “of the same (bad) kind or of the same value”. It is often used to describe people who have similar characteristics, behaviors, or attitudes, usually in a negative way. It can also imply that they share the same flaws, faults, or shortcomings.
The origin of the expression is not clear, but some sources suggest that it comes from the coin-making process, where scrap refers to the weight of the metal piece before it is minted, and grain refers to the net weight of the precious metal.

Examples of using “av samma skrot och korn”

Here are some examples of how you can use “av samma skrot och korn” in different contexts:

If you want to criticize someone who is similar to another person that you dislike, you can say: “Han är av samma skrot och korn som sin bror. Båda är lata och oärliga.” (“He is of the same scrap and grain as his brother. Both are lazy and dishonest.”)

If you want to express your distrust or contempt for a group of people who have the same agenda or interests, you can say: “Politikerna är alla av samma skrot och korn. De bryr sig inte om folket, bara om sina egna fördelar.” (“The politicians are all of the same scrap and grain. They don’t care about the people, only about their own benefits.”)

If you want to make a sarcastic remark about someone who is pretending to be better than they are, you can say: “Hon försöker låtsas att hon är fin och kultiverad, men hon är av samma skrot och korn som resten av oss.” (“She tries to pretend that she is fine and cultured, but she is of the same scrap and grain as the rest of us.”)

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