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Learn Swedish quickly through listening and responding

Learn Swedish by participating in simulated conversations. Listen to entertaining content and learn naturally.

learn swedish

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Our free lesson consists of four mp3 audio files of spoken swedish adapted for learners, along with a transcript in Swedish and English. It will be emailed to you upon registration. Sign up to our newsletter and get started learning Swedish!

Have you tried to learn Swedish but given up because it involved too many memorisation exercises, grammar tables and just, well, boring stuff? You are not alone.

With Swedish4Real, you’ll learn Swedish effortlessly and naturally by participating in simulated conversations in Swedish. Based on 18 mini stories covering various themes from Swedish society, Swedish 4 Real engages you in content that is enjoyable and fun.

Our course contains no memorisation exercises and no grammar lessons. You just participate in our conversations in Swedish, with added complexity along the way.

It takes practice to learn Swedish

We are convinced that language is not a form of knowledge. It’s a skill. The more you practice, the better you get at it. To learn Swedish – or any language – from studying grammar tables is like learning to ride a bicycle by reading a manual. There’s nothing wrong with the manual, but it is a manual, it’s not the bicycle.

Language learning can be a walk in the park – you can literally learn Swedish while walking the park, listening to Swedish 4 Real.

With Swedish 4 Real, you get lots of practice by participating in simulated conversations. The key is to listen to the same content many times. Once you feel confident in understanding the content, you proceed to the next story. Every lesson ads more vocabulary and complexity, and you learn the grammar intuitively and effortlessly – like children learn their first language. By the end of the course you’ll be able to have real conversations in Swedish with real Swedes!

Try out the first chapter of Swedish4Real for free today!

Swedish learning tips

swedish books

Swedish Books

Swedish Books To find Swedish books is easy. To find books in Swedish that you as a language learner actually understand is another thing (depending

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