Learning Swedish

Learning Swedish for real

With Swedish4Real, you’ll be learning Swedish effortlessly and naturally by participating in simulated conversations in Swedish. 

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Learning Swedish in a fun way

Enjoyable content

Based on 18 mini-stories, you participate in simulated conversations and learn from the context.

Boost your vocabulary

All content is in slowly spoken Swedish with added complexity along the way. Contains over 2000 different words from various aspects of Swedish society.

Audio and text

The course is audio based so that you can listen when you're on the go. If you wish to consult the transcript, you can follow the written script in real time as well.

Test yourself

Each of the 18 units ends with a quiz based on the content of the story, to make sure you've understood what you listened to.

Learning Swedish at your own pace, anywhere and any time

Based on 18 mini stories covering various themes from Swedish society, Swedish4Real engages you in content that is enjoyable and fun. 

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Learning Swedish is acquiring a skill, not accumulating knowledge

Students' Reviews


"Absolutely excellent! Please do another one to follow on from it!"


I liked a lot the way the teacher was talking. It was fluent and not too slow. The sentences that I learned were usable in life situations.


“This method is really helping me.”


"Diverse topics with fun stories, easy to understand, clear audio, and excellent explanation from great instructor! very recommended!"

Want to boost your Swedish?

Do as students from over 60 countries around the world have done and start learning Swedish from content produced by Swedish novelist Jacob Sundberg. 

Learning Swedish with our course

Let us explain how we have intended this course to be used. Listen to each unit attentively. Make sure that you focus on listening and speaking Swedish. There is a Swedish transcript on the video screen, as well a PDF transcript in Swedish and English. Feel free to consult the transcript at any time, but don’t get stuck there. The audio is key for you in learning Swedish. The idea is to learn intuitively, so don’t get hung up on details and don’t worry if you don’t get everything right at once – nobody does. Listen to the same content many times, until you feel comfortable in answering the questions, before you proceed to the next story. This will make your Swedish more intuitive. Try to get used to learning Swedish a little every day, it’s a lot better than cramming many hours once a week. And most importantly – don’t be afraid to make mistakes, it’s part of the learning process!

We’ve written a more extensive blog post on the topic of learning Swedish here: How to learn Swedish.