Dra sitt strå till stacken

“Att dra sitt strå till stacken” – what does it mean and how to use it?

Have you ever heard of the Swedish expression “Dra sitt strå till stacken”? It literally means “to pull one’s straw to the stack”, but what does it actually mean and how is it used in everyday speech?


The expression “Dra sitt strå till stacken” means “to do one’s bit, to do one’s part, to do one’s share, to play one’s part” in English. It is used to describe the act of contributing as best one can to a collaborative endeavor, such as a project, a task, or a goal. For example, if you are working on a group assignment with your classmates, you can say “jag drar mitt strå till stacken” by doing your assigned part of the work. Or, if someone is volunteering for a charity event, you can say that someone “drar sitt strå till stacken” by helping out with whatever you can.

Origin of “dra sitt strå till stacken”

The expression “Dra sitt strå till stacken” is derived from an old agricultural practice of harvesting grain. In the past, farmers would cut the grain stalks with a sickle and then gather them into bundles, called straws. These straws would then be piled up into a large stack, which would be used for various purposes, such as feeding animals, making roofs, or burning for fuel. The process of stacking the straws required a lot of effort and cooperation from the farmers, as each straw had to be placed carefully and securely. Therefore, the expression “Dra sitt strå till stacken” was used to emphasize the importance of everyone’s contribution to the common good.


The expression “Dra sitt strå till stacken” is still widely used in modern Swedish, especially in formal or professional contexts. It is often used to praise, encourage, or motivate someone who is doing a good job or who is willing to help. For example, a boss might say to an employee: “Du drar verkligen ditt strå till stacken, bra jobbat!” (“You really do your bit, well done!”). Or, a teacher might say to a student: “Jag är stolt över dig, du drar alltid ditt strå till stacken i klassen.” (“I am proud of you, you always do your part in the class.”). The expression can also be used to urge someone to do more or to take more responsibility. For example, a friend might say to another friend: “Kom igen, du måste dra ditt strå till stacken om vi ska hinna klart i tid.” (“Come on, you have to do your share if we are going to finish on time.”).

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