Learning Swedish as an Immigrant

Learning Swedish as an Immigrant

If you’ve come to stay in Sweden, whether it’s temporarily or for good, the importance of knowing Swedish cannot be stressed enough: At the very minimum, it’s an advantage, but most likely it’s a necessity, depending on the circumstances. If you’re a native English speaker, you might be tempted to think that all Swedes know English anyway, but that’s really not the case – and even if it were, you’d be better off knowing Swedish. (Read our blog post Why Learn Swedish).

So you live in Sweden and are consequently surrounded by Swedish people. Perhaps you’ve taken a beginner’s course, but you struggle to understand everyday speech and to communicate without great effort – then this course is for you.

In our course Swedish4Real, all content is in Swedish. In other words, you don’t learn Swedish by reference to English or any other language, you learn it by immersing yourself in it. Therefore, some (but very little) prior knowledge of Swedish is necessary for you to make best use of the material. Use it while doing chores – it’s an audio based Swedish language course – or sit by your screen and use the accompanying script as well.

We have a ten day trial offer where you can use the full course for free in order to see it it’s for you or not.

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