Learn Swedish as a Language Nerd

Learn Swedish as a Language Nerd

If you, like many others across the world, have an interest in learning languages for the sake of it, then Swedish4Real might be for you. As an independent language learner, the possibilities online are endless, yet that’s also part of the problem; where you should go for content in your target language once you’ve got the jist of the basics? Which of the million ways should you choose?

Our Swedish language course Swedish4Real is a great resource if you want to learn Swedish in practice and not only in theory. It contains plainly spoken Swedish based on original stories, and contains simulated dialogues for you to participate in. If you’re an experienced language learner, you know what it’s all about: exposure. Swedish4Real exposes you to spoken (and written for that matter) Swedish in real life situations, so that you can learn from context. It’s created as an audio course, so you can learn Swedish while driving or doing the dishes, but since there’s a real time script in video format as well, you can use it that way too.

At the end of the course, you’ll have transferred a lot of your theoretical knowledge into the practical domain, as well as having learned many new things. To put it simply: you’ll be able to have real conversations with real Swedes.

If you want to check out if it’s for you, we’ve got a ten day free trial period.

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