Swedish Books

swedish books

Swedish Books To find Swedish books is easy. To find books in Swedish that you as a language learner actually understand is another thing (depending on your level of Swedish, of course). There are a lot of books out there that are tailor-made for learners, either classical stories that are adapted to non-natives, or stories […]

Swedish Music – a few tips

Swedish music

Swedish Music – a few tips A good way to reinforce your Swedish language learning is to listen to music with Swedish lyrics. Just make sure you find music that you actually like. We list a variety of Swedish artists and bands that you may like. The Swedish music scene doesn’t really differ from that […]

The art of fika

swedish fika

The art of fika Perhaps it has kept you awake at night as well, that age-old question: “What in the world is fika?” The question is one of life’s greater ones. Understandably so, since the word fika has such enormous power. It can be announced any time in the day, whereupon everyone stops whatever they’re […]