As part of our business, we handle personal information about you. Your integrity is important to us and we want to be transparent about what data about you we process and why.

We handle data connected to our customers. In order to make a purchase using PayPal you need to provide us with your full name, telephone number, postal address and email address.

How do we use your data?

When you sign up as a customer or as a newsletter subscriber, we send you recurring emails with language learning tips and various offers. You can at any time unsubscribe.

Who gets access to your data?
Your data are only handled by Swedish4Real (Slovami AB) and are not sold or redistributed elsewhere.

If you want to get in contect with us in relation to our treatment of your data, you are welcome to contact us at:
Slovami AB

Äpplestigen 6

571 38 Nässjö