Swedish4Real Full Language Course

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More than five hours of spoken Swedish – listen and partake in simulated conversations in Swedish (72 mp3-files). Includes a 150-page PDF transcript in Swedish and English.

Upon purchase, you get access to all the material to stream it from our website. You can also download the full course onto your computer as a Zip-file to use offline.

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If you are not satisified with the course, you get a full 100% refund if you email us within a month of the purchase: info@swedish4real.com

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Swedish4Real is an audio-based course in Swedish. Listen to the original content of 18 stories and follow-up dialogues, adding more complexity for each unit. The course covers most daily situations and topics of life in Sweden, giving you a robust vocabulary to get you comfortably speaking with natives. Each chapter is based on a theme and consists of four units: A) Berättelse In the first unit of each chapter, we read you a very short story. B) Dialog The second unit consists of questions and answers based on the story, with pauses for you to partake in the conversation. C) Expansion The third unit is an expansion of the theme and also contains a conversation simulator. D) Perspektiv In the fourth unit of each chapter, we read the original story from a different grammatical perspective. Specifications
  • 72 mp3-files (total play time 05 hours 38 minutes)
  • 150-page PDF transcript of the full content in Swedish and English
  • Over 2000 Swedish words
Upon purchase, you get access to all the material to stream it from our website. You can also download the full course onto your computer as a Zip-file.

3 reviews for Swedish4Real Full Language Course

  1. Tobias Foogde (verified owner)

    I have just worked my way through the lessons. I have to say that the course is far much better than I could think.
    It’s fun, easy and incredibly rewarding.
    Highest grade, if you want to learn Swedish in a really good way, this is right!

  2. Hamzeh Hosseini (verified owner)

    من به فایل های صوتی دوره آموزشی swidish 4 real گوش کردم. خیلی دوره خوبیه واسه یادگیری زبان سوئدی. بنظر من گوش دادن یکی از موثرترین راه هاست واسه یادگیری زبان. چون با گوش دادن با لغت های جدید آشنا میشیم و با تکرار کردن ‌‌و گوش دادن دوباره لغت جدید رو یاد میگیریم. پیشنهاد من واسه کسایی که تازه به سوئد اومدن یا اینکه خیلی وقته سوئدن و هنوز توی تلفظ کردن ، فهمیدن و یا صحبت کردن زبان سوئدی مشکل دارن اینه که حتما این دوره رو خریداری کنند. خیلی بهتون کمک میکنه. یکی از نقاط مثبت این دوره آموزشی اینه که ۱۸ داستان جذاب متفاوت داره که هر داستان به ۴ قسمت مختلف شامل داستان، دیالوگ، پیشرفته و دیدگاه تشکیل شده. خوبی دیگه ای که این بسته آموزشی داره اینه که هر جا و هر لحظه که بخوای میتونی به این داستان ها گوش بدی و این کار رو بارها و بارها تکرار کنی تا گوشت به لغت ها آشنا بشه و از این طریق تلفظ صحیح لغت ها رو هم یاد بگیری. اینم بگم که به غیر از فایل های صوتی قسمتی هم برای پیشنهاد و معرفی کردن چند ها کتاب و موزیک و راه هایی که چطوری زبان سوئدی رو بهتر کنید اختصاص داده شده.
    من به نوبه خودم از Jacob Sundberg تشکر میکنم واسه درست کردن این دوره آموزشی پر کاربرد.

  3. David Nightingale (verified owner)

    I highly recommend this course to anyone who has an interest in learning Swedish.The stories are fun, light hearted and can be applied directly to common real life situations. However, this course is really in a class of its own in the way it helped me to break through the invisible wall that stands between just knowing a lot of Swedish words and being able to have actual conversations with Swedish speakers. I was amazed at how quickly I began to progress once I began this course. 5 stars!

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