Learn Swedish

How to learn Swedish

How to learn Swedish So you want to learn Swedish. Good. You’ve probably guessed by now that in order to […]

Swedish Books

swedish books

Swedish Books To find Swedish books is easy. To find books in Swedish that you as a language learner actually […]

Swedish Music – a few tips

Swedish music

Swedish Music – a few tips A good way to reinforce your Swedish language learning is to listen to music […]

The art of fika

swedish fika

The art of fika Perhaps it has kept you awake at night as well, that age-old question: “What in the […]

Why learn Swedish

Why learn Swedish

Why Learn Swedish? Why learn Swedish when every Swede seems to speak English? In this blog post we’ll provide three […]

Swedish vocabulary

swedish vocabulary

Swedish vocabulary – why context is king If you want to boost your Swedish vocabulary, there are many fine methods […]